Helping business to keep afloat during coronavirus effects


Our effort to help companies stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis with a series of business resources

At IPA Group we have always operated as a company based on alliances, prioritising the well-being of our allies (or clients) over mere economic benefit. We think of them as one of our team and for this reason it is always part of our plan that they do well.

We know that the health crisis we are currently experiencing has put companies and businesses in a very fragile situation and that the economy of all of us is being affected in an important way by not being able to carry out our activities normally.

That is why as a company we have decided to offer the business community a series of resources, tools, courses and opportunities that allow us all to get ahead of this crisis and overcome the adversities that it presents.

Business resources at no cost

Business resources

These are some of the services that we have designed to help companies:

  • Web templates
  • E-commerce and membership websites
  • Online business strategy development
  • Local and national business directory
  • Social media training and courses
Web templates

Web templates

As part of our effort to help counteract the impact of COVID-19, we will make a series of templates available to any company that wants to start their "digital adventure". These allow for the creation of an informative web page without the need for a whole design process at the moment.

These web templates are created with the idea of providing all the necessary tools to start an online journey and that the target audience finds and can contact digitally with just a few clicks.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites

If you are looking to develop an e-commerce or membership site, we have also created a specific plan to help businesses that so wish, where IPA Group absorbs the cost of developing such platforms during the period of the health crisis. That way, companies start their money-generating project as soon as possible without having to pay any fee until the end of said crisis. For more information about this plan and its restrictions, here are the relevant links:

  1. Know if my business applies for this plan (online form).
  2. Requirements, terms and conditions.

This plan aims to increase the power of online sale of products on an e-commerce site, membership site or web-app in record time and provide the necessary tools for any company to be born into the new digital reality that we are facing.

Online business strategy development

Online business strategy development

Not all companies are in the right place to start in the online world immediately either due to lack of development, lack of planning, or simply because the development of such a plan has never been in the objectives or at least not in these moments. However, the current situation has now pushed us to take the necessary measures to survive as companies and businesses and to be able to offer our resources, services and products to the public digitally or simply to be there when they look for us. That is why, as a team, we have also made the decision to offer consultations of up to two hours for the development of this business strategy.

Recently we wrote an article talking about what a comprehensive business strategy is, where we review each and every one of the areas in which a company needs to invest to have a successful company. You can read it here. Combined with these business resources we believe that they will be of great help.

Points to address in the consultation:

  • Current situation of the company
  • Approach to the Challenge
  • Goal Creation
  • Planning and choice of tools to achieve the stated objectives
  • Action plan

This consultation is a completely free resource. Click here to make your appointment.

National business directory

Addition to the new national business directory

One of the greatest difficulties that companies now have, not only due to the coronavirus crisis, but in general, is that of being able to be found for the products or services they offer to their public. That is why, along with other measures that we are taking, IPA Group, together with several other companies, are creating a national business directory focused on helping to position small and medium-sized companies in the field in which they operate without the need to have to invest.

The directory we are creating will be free to access and will have the opportunity to improve the visualisation of your business through premium plans. If the business or company does not want to pay for any of the plans, there will always be the opportunity to be on the directory for free.

Social media training

Training and courses in social networks

If all of the above were not enough, we have also created a zoom channel where we will be holding training meetings on social networks. Here we will talk about each and every one of the different social networks and the different ways of approaching each one. Here is a small list of some of the topics that we will cover there:

  • Content strategies
  • Platforms
  • Automation
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Ads
  • etc...

Every Wednesday, Esther, our social media manager, will be hosting a series of webinars to help businesses and entrepreneurs to build a social media strategy where she will guide them through some basic topics of social networks and on to more advanced themes. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions such as: "which social platforms should we be using", "what is the best content to post", "how to read your analytics" and much more.

Register here.


As well as this, Esther hosts a marketing podcast with fellow marketer Melanie Boylan each Monday. Find previous episodes here - they're just 10 minutes long.

Our message

Our message

These are times when we have to put our talents and abilities at the service of others; get ahead without leaving anyone behind. Update your website with minimal maintenance and advertise daily according to the changing needs of your audience. We offer you all these business resources and the facilities to have your business online at the best price. Whatever it is you need, so that, despite the crisis, you can compete and get ahead, you can count on us.

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