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because not all business strategies fit everyone, we help you create yours.

Based on our philosophy to build alliances, rather than just business relationships, we help our allies to succeed in the online world with business strategies tailored specifically for you that work.

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some of our best digital marketing strategies are based on the following

We’re able to develop business strategies that are best for your company’s growth. In order to develop your strategy, first we look at your desired results, then we create a marketing plan template to help you reach your business objectives. Using the appropriate tools and strategic management, you can reach your company’s goals.

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how we build your business strategy
do you need one?

We all need a website because it is the information hub where everyone can find what you have to offer. Your website is your online shopfront. Whether you’re selling physical items or services you need a dedicated webpage to show them off. This is a major part in the marketing strategy puzzle. Web development enhances the user experience (UX) through the strategic design of the user interface (UI).

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get leads to sell to them

Inbound marketing uses pull strategies to attract new leads and potential clients. Help your users obtain the results they’re looking for through online positioning strategies and follow up. Social media, content marketing, blogs, SEO, etc. should all be an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy.

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your community

Having an engaged community is essential for your brand. In order to give them the content they need it is important to have a dedicated social media marketing strategy in place which will assist with your inbound marketing. Generating valuable content positions your brand as an expert in your field and helps others get to know you or recognise you and your expertise.

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get found

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is vital for people to find you in search engines. Strategic positioning is currently a necessity in your business. The correct ranking is fundamental for corporate and brand strategies and marketing objectives. A customised strategic management will make it easier for your prospects to search for you, and it will improve the results of growth and profitability.

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boost your ranks

The advantages of a partnership with us is that we take care of your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with an in-depth study so your investment is maximised. This way, your performance marketing is more visible and you will find more leads immediately with an additional economic boost.

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We help you generate the right message about your brand or business so your prospects know exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them solve their problems.

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the future of content

Professional video production is a key aspect when it comes to your company growth due to its powerful reach. By this year it is estimated that most of all internet traffic is through video, mainly because it is considered that a high average of people are more likely to buy a product or hire a service after watching a video. Consider this important tool as part of your business strategy and marketing plan.

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communicate effectively

Email is a highly effective digital marketing strategy which is easily measured and is an important part of your complete communication strategies. Effective email marketing converts potential customers or leads into valued clients and turns one-time buyers into loyal customers. Using a strategic approach to sending emails as part of your business communication will increase conversion rate.

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IPA GROUP as a company we are dedicated to the development of digital solutions that allow our allies (our clients) to find the best strategy to reach their public in an attractive, viral and effective way.

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