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IPA GROUP is a company dedicated to the development of digital solutions that allow its allies to find the best strategy to reach their public in an attractive, viral and effective way.

Integral Solution

We offer a conjunction of services that allow you to leave the stress surrounding your brand image to one side and dedicate that time to make your business grow in quality and service.

Creativity and  Innovation

You will always get a service that captivates, not just because of its quality, but also for its original content that will catch your audience's eye.


Our team will always have the objective of how to make you grow in the areas you are looking to grow in.




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To be a company capable of generating, promoting developing and producing integral solutions directed at satisfying the strictest needs of companies for products and services in technological and image material. To concentrate on businesses that share our vision of the future, as well as create new, attractive business opportunities for our allies bringing those state of the art advances and proposals to the community in an effective way.


For IPA Group, setting the trend isn't the exception, rather the rule. Here we see ourselves as a technological ally of our allies reaching the most ambitious goals together. We look to be the solution for your idea at all times.


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We combine design, functionality, creativity and technology in the development of each and every one of our products in a way that they satisfy the strictest needs of our allies.

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Our talented team

We consider ourselves a group of allies who are agents of change. We create, innovate and generate digital strategies capable of breaking any digital paradigm.

Esther Lawson

CEO & Founder
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Rodrigo Zapien

International Business Strategist
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Claudia Corona

Industrial & Graphic Designer
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Adriana Zurita

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Aalan Ocampo

Brand Consultant
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Alvaro Ocampo

Brand Consultant
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