Wicked e-Juice

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Company dedicated to the production of e-juices, sale of e-cigarettes,  and everything related to the fashionable "vaping"

A picture speaks a thousand words...

We had the pleasure of managing the digital strategy to promote Wicked E-juice through the network of Pinterest.
It was a great experience and very aesthetically pleasing.

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We were able to get a project with very visually pleasing images and we presented our ally's product in a way that their social media presence increased. By joining their leadership with our designs, we took the originality of their offer to more people, given the visual impact and intention of our ally to improve the health of their consumers, we had a simple but effective alliance.

Although it is not one of our original designs it is a different logo with emphasis on ecology.

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  • Graphic design
A project like Wicked seeks to provide a benefit to all those who want to leave a life of ill health and regain a good path to reach absolute freedom. Wicked is a bridge to reach that.
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