Tweetting Goddess

Graphic Design - Editorial Design

Social media professional with one of the largest groups of followers in Ireland and one of the most successful careers in the development of social media strategies.

Tweet Team

Working side by side with a social media professional is an honour and huge responsibility.
The development of products, running networks, logos, ebooks, events etc are some of the tasks we have had the pleasure of sharing with The Tweeting Goddess.

This project is one of the most varied, we have managed to create an atmosphere of cordiality and technology so vast via distance, that we feel motivated to bring originality and freshness; from different countries and through social networks, the organisation, the idea, and excellence have enabled us to maintain a relationship that is strengthened and secured with the passage of time.

A perfect image to represent the services The Tweeting Goddess offers. Without being part of our original designs we know it's perfect.

  • Editorial design
  • Graphic design
  • Events
  • Social Media
Adding value to others is a job that requires consistancy and committment and to do it with devotion, dedication and ingenuity is something that characterises Tweeting Goddess.
Undoubtedly entrepreneurs have an important tool to strengthen their businesses and send them in the right direction, of that we are completely sure.
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