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TP Consultancy Group is a company dedicated to executive business consulting. Directed by Trevor Polley with more than 40 years in this area.

The great beginning

Being one of our first allies represents one of our first goals reached. 
The creations of the business image of TP Consultancy Group gave us the opportunity to grow which we wouldn't have achieved otherwise.
Planning and development which involved the integration of various team members brings what is now TP Consultancy Group as the result.

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When companies come together for one purpose, they discover they can also achieve other purpose that, in order to reach it, only depends on their mutual union.
In this type of alliance objectives are reached, in some cases Utopian ones such as win-win.

The combination of representative elements, and coupled phonetically, results in a logo with both personal and professional meaning.

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Being a company run by an industry professional of more than 40 years experience, we know that TP Consultancy Group has what it takes to help develop a successful business strategy.
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