SMSummit Ireland

Logo Design

SMSummitIRL one of the largest social media events in Ireland presents one of the most interesting dynamics in social networking conferences.

Social is the trend

The development of the SMSummitIRL image has been an honour for us. 
From the first pencil stroke on paper to the final digital banner design the development of the logo and image of SMSummitIRL has been surrounded with creativity, integration and a LOT of team work.

The world of technology is controversial. For the sake of progress we have created devices that have become tools to make our day-to-day living easier, but at the same time they have taken us further from the closest human relationships.
Social Media Summit is a project that has brought this world to the next level, helping to bring people together and teaching by example to make use of this technology, contributing to progress but without forgetting that the eyes that see are part of a whole that thinks, feels and relates.

Like a group of people who intertwine their opinions and thoughts about a subject, so the SMSummitIRL logo represents the union of elements in one mind and idea.

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Standing out in a world of technology and constant innovation can only be achieved with the one element that can make the difference - human capital. Ideas arise when people nurture human relationships over business, giving business the chance to come naturally once real friendships have been forged. We are inspired by this alliance. Social Media Summit is a must-attend event.
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