Rathfriland Vet Clinic

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Rathfriland Vet Clinic is a leader in its field. With more than 50 years working for the community.

"Man's" best friend

Every day that we have the opportunity to manage Rathfriland Vet Clinic's communication is a great responsibility that brings feelings of tenderness, concern and care. 
Being one of the longest alliances we have, we know the strategies we have used so far have been successful for the relationship.

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We have experienced a process of dedication, commitment and mutual trust, where freedom of action has allowed us to flow into the service we have given them. We could see that only those who can appreciate the material they work with and they look after it, values it when they receive the same effort. When freedom is granted, the runway is imagination and good projects like this are consolidated.

A logo more in tune with Rathfriland Vet Clinic's services and a similar one in the town of Warrenpoint.

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There is an atmosphere of interest and empathy in which people and the animal kingdom can be themselves and enjoy due to the trust and good treatment they are given. At Rathfriland Vet Clinic the personalised and friendly attention, shown in all the services offered makes it clear that the work done, even though it is simple, is personal and great. We can say with all honesty that the role they play in the community is delivered with warmth and quality.
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