Maths Improvement NI

Editorial Design

Professional educator of the science of Mathematics, Maths Improvement Northern Ireland is dedicated to the development, sale and distribution of books that enable young children to understand different operations in a much simpler way.

A picture tells a thousand words

The development of MINI's books was one of our most fun experiences in the area of editorial design. After a complex study about editorial design focused on capturing the attention of kids comes the idea and graphic concept of MINI .

Each one of our projects gives us different means of satisfaction, this project in particular is a clear example of what websites can achieve; they located us through a Google search and now we are the result of when talent comes together, the benefits multiply.
We can only say this alliance is good education!

Even though there is no logo that distinguishes it at the minute, the concept used for the brand promotion is perfect.

  • Editorial design
  • Graphic design
Maths Improvement is run by a man who believes that every child should have an adult in their lives that never gives up on them and insists they can become the best they can possibly be, a man who constantly prepares himself to deliver quality, who inspires us with the dedication and surrender that is put into everything he does and who uses all the tools available to be versatile and perform in a technological and real world.
His service is state-of-the-art and empathetic, you have to get to know it.
I want something like this!