Las Auténticas Gorditas

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A place to reminisce, try and savour one of the most delicious seasonings in the country. Las Auténticas Gorditas de Harina brings us, as its name suggests, one of the most delicious dishes from the northern region of Mexico.

Love at first sight

By taking care of the Facebook promotion of such a special and delectable dish, we had to develop a strategy capable of showing the users these delicious features and what better way than through good photography.
In the same way when making the logo it was important to be jazzy to stick in consumers' minds. 
It was a challenge to make this strategy without losing composure and wanting to run for some food!

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A project full of design, colour and flavour, with an original business proposal to transmit the essence from one place to another through their product. We were able to connect with them given the close and hugely trusting relationship, but also because we share the principles of service, opening a vein on social media for them not yet discovered in their part of Mexico.

With colours that invite you to eat and a classic font Las Aútenticas' logo is the perfect symbol.

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Las Auténticas Gordiatas de Harina is a different business proposal with the original flavour of the land where they come from and offers a cutting edge service which thanks to technology can be responded to from anywhere in the world. We believe that whoever get to try them will be amazed and pleasantly convinced that Mexico has an unforgettable flavour.
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