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Based in Mexico City, BF Soluciones para la Industria is a company dedicated to business outsourcing with many years of experience in their field.

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Working with BF Soluciones has been and is an honour. As they asked us to take care of their corporate identity and website we have found a great experience in developing the image.
From the first sketches on paper to the web implementation was all a great pleasure. 
At the same time it has been a challenge to be asked to do their web application for payroll control, a challenge that was conquered and reached with effort and quality.

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In a world that has an urgent need to adopt a new form of leadership for the digital era, powerful solutions are required to achieve the most ambitious dreams.
With a strategy of visiual impact that achieves brand positioning in a unique, professional and elegant way, which includes the promise of human warmth.

Based on a lineal, serious and professional concept, the image and colours of BF Soluciones represent the unity and professionalism of their services.

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Companies such as BF Soluciones bring relief to the daily work load by offering services that would otherwise represent the responsibility of an entire department.
We believe in, and recommend what BF Soluciones has for its customers. Their services are tied to a strategy and vision of integrated solutions.
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