October 6, 2016


How often do you set aside every day, week, month or year to improve your business, grow your knowledge, and learn new skills? Recently I’ve been listening to various webinars and receiving training thanks to Marketing Success SummitShaw AcademyThe Girls Mean BusinessAnna Scheller etc. and through all of them I have learnt more about different areas that are important to growing my business. For me, it’s marketing, digital media, sales etc. that interest me so I can provide better quality to my allies. For you, it could be pricing, quality, laws regarding your product, exporting etc. Everyone is different, and everyone’s business has different needs.


One thing we all have in common is that we all need to keep learning, growing and developing new skills, or improving old skills. Think about it – the Internet has taken over our lives; we’ve all gone digital. In this day and age we can’t stay stagnant – we must move with the times in order to survive. There have been so many “stalwarts” of the High Street disappear recently due to not moving forward, not progressing, not learning more, it would be sad to see any more go. You might not be part of the High Street, but you are an important part of the community. Your business provides generates extra taxes and revenue that wouldn’t otherwise exist, the office space you rent provides an income for others, the list is endless. If you were to go under because of lack of continued education in your field, it would affect more than just you.


You wouldn’t like to go to your doctor and realise that they were still using leeches and other “old-school” techniques just because they hadn’t bothered to update their knowledge bank, so why should your clients suffer the same? Should my clients be left to think that their 5 year old website is still ok in this mobile-friendly world? Or that social media is just a passing fad and they don’t need to worry about using it? Or course not. It’s crazy to think that you don’t need to continue learning about your industry, or even about related industries.


“Upskilling” is a new buzzword used for when you learn a new skill. For example, social media is here to stay, so now you’ll “upskill” to learn about digital marketing. It’s something that everyone needs to do from time to time, and depending on your industry and how fast the world is moving, depends how often you need to upskill.


At IPA Group we offer courses to help you upskill and expand upon your knowledge of certain aspects of social media in particular. We offer online and face-to-face courses for basic, intermediate and advanced levels on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, plus we are always expanding our courses. If there are any that you would like in particular, just let us know.