Social Media
September 21, 2016

Twitter is changing

This news has been around for a while now, Twitter are extending their 140 character limit, but what exactly is going to happen, and how will it affect you (and your Twitter account)?

First of all, Twitter won’t have unlimited characters (yet, although that’s apparently still in the works), but what will happen is that photos, GIFs and videos will no longer use up characters in your Tweets. At the minute, these take up 24 spaces of your precious 140 limit. Quote Tweets and URLs will still take up characters though.

So, for those of you who aren’t using Twitter because of the restriction on what you can say, it’s about to get easier to fit what you want to into the space. It’s a talent to get everything into 140 characters even without using photos, URLs etc., but practice makes perfect (and we’re here to help with training and management of your account if it stresses you out!)

As Tweets with photos are more likely to get higher engagement (up to 313% more!) it’s helpful to include them in your tweets. Now that photos will not use up any characters, you can include them in all your tweets (if you so wish). Take this opportunity to see what works for your audience. If they react well to seeing more photos, or even GIFs for that matter, then give them what they want.

I for one hope that Twitter won’t completely get rid of their 140-character limit, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s what makes it unique from other social media platforms. It’s a micro-blogging platform, so anything longer takes away the “micro” part, plus it will make Twitter Chats more complicated if people are using more characters!