Social Media
October 18, 2016

The Need for a Social Media Strategy

“Social Media is easy, right? I mean, all you need to do is post a few things on Facebook or Twitter and wait for people to comment on it.” Wrong. Social Media is a series of complex, algorithm driven platforms which, when used correctly, can increase your chances of being seen by the “right people” and in turn lead to more prospects, clients and sales.

How do I know if I’m using social media properly?

First of all, answer this – what do you want to get out of social media? Why is your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc. etc. etc.? Is it to raise brand awareness, generate sales, position yourself or your business as an expert in the field, or something else? Or are you just there because everyone else is and you don’t want to be left behind?

Once you figure out what you want to achieve by being on social media platforms, then it’s important to work out which social media platform(s) will best help you achieve those goals. There’s no point in being on Facebook if all your potential clients are on Pinterest (for example). But how will you know which one(s) will work best for you? Check out the demographics, gender, interests etc. of those who use each platform. The results may surprise you.

Ok, I’ve working out which platform(s) have my target audience. Now what?

Now comes the “fun part” – designing a strategy in order to reach your target audience. If they’re found on Twitter, it’s best to post 10 tweets per day (yes, per day) with a mixture of informative tweets, one or two leading back to your website, others can be retweets of industry news etc. If they’re found on Pinterest then 3 pins per day from your original content are recommended. This will all take time to figure out – which original content should you post on which day and at which time to make the most impact… That’s what the strategy is for (and also why you should be watching the analytics).

If you decide that Monday will be #MotivationMonday (for example) then your posts, pins, tweets etc should reflect that. Maybe Tuesday will be all about one of your products or services – again, your posts, pins, tweets should reflect that. Also make sure your marketing team knows what the plan is so they can follow it.

I’m not saying that once these are in place you can’t ever change them. The strategy has to adapt and grow with your business. If part of it isn’t working, then change it (after reviewing statistics, analytics, etc.). You should stay flexible in your strategy. Remember that what works today might not work next week. The world moves at an incredible rate and we must move and adapt with it, otherwise we’ll become stagnant and wither.

So, ask yourself – do you have a strategy in place that dictates what and when to post your content? Or is it random and “on a whim”? If you don’t have a strategy, it’s not too late to get one. We can help you with that, just get in touch!


“Because marketing isn’t magic there is a science to it.” (Dan Zarella)