May 16, 2017

Is the End Neigh for Printed Material?

Every day we get asked to make less and less flyers. More people, including big companies, are heading towards digital marketing, rather than the printed word. That includes advertising in newspapers, posters, billboards, flyers, etc. Even major newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Financial Times are all reaching fewer and fewer people through the printed word.


What does this mean for these markets? Are they on their last legs? Well, when you consider that Kindle eBooks outsold paper books last Christmas, I would venture to guess that it’s not too difficult to imagine a world without print. There are fewer local newspapers around than in previous years, so it stands to reason that regional and national newspapers would also be affected by people’s tendency to lean more towards digital media rather than traditional print. Plus, this in turn would lead to less trees getting cut down to make them.


Digital media is not the future. It is the present. How many times have you searched online for a product you’re interested in (whether it be via a search engine, or social media)? How many times have you seen an advert for what you’re looking for in a newspaper recently? I’d venture to guess that it’s fewer. Think about the Yellow Pages. Years ago, it was at least an inch thick, and now it’s so much thinner. Companies are moving away from advertising in the Yellow Pages now, not because they don’t trust the brand anymore, rather they realise it’s more important for them to be seen online (maybe even using


Companies all over the world are recognising that website, social media and campaigns on these sites are worth more and give greater ROI than “traditional” media, although in a few short years, digital media will become the new “traditional”. Are you one of these companies that has emigrated over into the digital world 100%? Or are you still using printed material to get your word out there? We can still see some value in printed material, especially flyers and business cards, as it’s not always possible to connect to the internet while networking, but as for advertising in newspapers and magazines, it is on the way out. Mark my words, it won’t be tomorrow or next week, but in a short time there will be no more printed newspapers, magazines or even books.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of a “proper” book in my hands, but I can recognise that I’m among the few, and at the end of the day, businesses have to move with the times (whether they like it or not) and give the majority of their clients what they want. And what is it that the majority of customers are looking for? Being able to contact the company at any hour of the day or night, and getting a response quickly. Gone are the days of phoning and complaining to just one person without knowing whether it will ever reach the right ears. Social media has changed the way we live, and it’s changing the way we shop (and complain!).


So, it’s time for you to turn the page on printed material and join the millions of businesses on social media and the Internet. But, where do you start? Contact us for help and advice. We’re here to guide you through the process of your transition.

Esther Lawson

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