January 10, 2017

Design goals you can fulfill

It’s a new year, although with already being into the second week it doesn’t seem so new anymore! To kick you off in 2017 we want to give you some advice so your goals, aims and objectives are more reachable.


1. Be realistic

Think about the objectives that you see as really viable and that challenge you, the ones you really want to commit to. It’s like my friend said the other day – “I’m not going to make “running a marathon” my goal because I don’t like running!”. And it’s so true. If you don’t like what you’re doing, or aren’t committed to your goal, then you won’t achieve it.


2. Write

Put on paper what you wish to achieve. It’s the best way to start making your dreams reality. Or better yet, share it with others so you can be more accountable. Not keen on putting it on social media? Then just tell your other half/best friend/parents.


3. Detail

The key is in the detail. The more you specify your objectives, you’ll have a clearer panorama of what you want to achieve. Write down everything you want to fulfill, no matter how small you think it is. It’ll all work together to help you reach your (first) big goal.


4. Quantify

Include an indicator that makes your goals measurable and allow you to see your progress, like the number of sales you wish to have. There’s no point in just writing down that you want to make more money, because with just one sale, you’ll have achieved your goal. Be exact. Break it down into weekly, monthly and quarterly goals too.


5. Set a time limit

Set the time in days, weeks or months to fulfill your goals. That way you’ll create a sense of urgency that will motivate you to get into action. Some goals can be fulfilled in a shorter space of time, others take longer. There’s no point in saying that you’ll get a new client every day, if you’re not prepared to put in the networking and relationship building necessary. And once you reach one goal, then change it and go for the next one.


6. Design a plan

This way you can know if you’re going in the right direction and you’re getting close to completing your aims. Here you can correct whatever you need to and optimise your plan. A good plan will grow and change with your goals also.


7. Reward yourself

Every time you fulfill a stage of your plan and, of course, when you reach your main goal, congratulate yourself with something you want to have. You’ll raise your motivation and self-esteem when you do. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. It could even be a well-deserved afternoon off! But by setting aside time or money to treat yourself, you’ll see that all your effort is paying off.


Put these 7 points into action and see how much easier it is to reach your goals.