March 28, 2017

Are your products being shown off in the best light?

Your products are the life and soul of your business. They are what generate your income. If you are solely a product-based business, selling what you make, then people base their buying decisions on what they can see. This is where the old adage “A picture speaks a thousand words” comes in.


So, take a look at your pictures. What do you see? What will your potential clients see? If the picture is blurry, bad quality, full of unnecessary “extras” which take away the focus of the main product, then they won’t get a very good idea of what your product actually is. There are many programmes that can help you fine-tune your photographs, but if they are taken on an inferior device, it will be more difficult to make them good, even with state-of-the-art programmes.


The best thing to do is to invest in your product photography. That might mean getting a professional camera, lenses, light boxes, all the gear, taking courses and taking time out to take all your one photos. Another option is to use stock photos (if they aren’t products that you have personally made yourself). Or, you could outsource the photography to a local product photographer and have them use their equipment, skills, time, edit them all and have them in perfect condition for your use.


Think about it. If you want a headshot that shows you off in the best light, you’re not likely to use a selfie, taken in bad light, with a poor background image, with a front-facing camera that has lower pixel resolution that even the main camera on your smartphone. So why would you do the same for your products? After all – people will be looking more at your products than the person behind them (sad but true). Trust me when I say that I have been put off buying many a product because I couldn’t see it properly in the photograph. You only get one chance to make a good impression, after all! Make it count!


Esther Ocampo

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