SEO Analysis & Proposal
General analysis
283 keywords that rank in the top 100 positions of Google

sprongo.com has 283 keywords that rank in the top 100 positions of Google.

We will send the pdf reports to show each keyword rank. 

“Sprongo” (the company name) is searched globally 1600 times per month on average.

You rank in position 1 for this keyword and 97.63% of your google click thru traffic comes from this keyword search. Here is a breakdown of the remaining keywords that collectively account for the remaining 2.5% of Google traffic:

on page seo
How Search Engine Friendly is your Site?

Main points: 

  • Although there is a menu, this is a one-page website
  • The Blog is a subdomain
  • Special character in your urls
  • Meta Data and Header Tags need improvement
  • Keyword Research and keyword placement needed
  • A higher word count is needed and individual pages

Competition Analysis 

As per your request, let’s take a look at your competitors. You listed the following companies:

  • hudl.com -- they have multiple Apps, Statistics, Web base -- (High-end competitor)
  • dartfish.com -- Software, App -- (direct competitor)
  • coachseye.com -- Strong App (direct competitor)
  • teamsnap.com -- team management (not direct competitor but same customer base)

I have attached to the email the pdf downloads of each of these companies Google rankings.

  • Hudl.com – A lot of keywords rank and drive traffic that include the company name “hudl” which happens to be very highly searched.
  • Dartfish.com – Same as above. However, I notice a few good keywords that they rank and get traffic for such us: “gymnastics videos”, “video analysis software” and “video analysis”
  • Coachseye.com – Rank for all sorts of terrible and irrelevant keywords such as: “ya moms a hoe”, “black man crying” and “no god please no” to name only a few! On the other hand, they also rank for a few excellent keywords such as “video coach”, “slow motion baseball swing” and “video analysis software” to name a few.
  • Teamsnap.com – Ranks and traffic for very good keywords. Mostly keywords involving the company name which has a very high search volume but additionally, here are a few good examples: “volleyball drills”, “basketball teams”, “softball catching drills”, “soccer footwork drills” and many more.
Website ui/ux
How easy is it to use your website?
SEO Proposal
1. Google Rank Report P12. Google Rank Report P23. SEO Score Report PDF4. ProposalFREE GIFT

We can improve your internet presence and drive targeted search engine traffic via organic SEO over several months.

We can do the following: 

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimisation
  • Article writing and submission
  • Quality link building
  • Monthly reporting

We highly suggest that you restructure your website creating a separate page for each of your menu tabs and dramatically increase your word count.
We can do this for you for an additional fee, if you're interested in discussing this further please contact us below.