Reflex Pillow

SEO Analysis & Proposal
General analysis
Google is finding you!

You rank for a lot of good keywords but you can rank for a lot more and most importantly, rank higher!

The way forward after some keyword research is to optimise your pages with better Meta Data, Header Tags and Image Alt Tags. In many cases, these don't exist on your pages or they are duplicated. Your pages also would need to be re-written slightly to be compatible with these changes. You need to go through the entire on-page SEO process. 

This is something we can do for you if you want. Following the initial work, we can help you with ongoing SEO and most importantly with your Off-Page SEO building contextual links back to your site.

on page seo
How Search Engine Friendly is your Site?
  • 93.33% of your click thru traffic from Google search comes from the keyword "reflex pillow cork" where you are ranked in position 1.
  • 30 people search this keyword per month.
  • 6.66% of your Google traffic comes from "neck pain from sleeping wrong".
  • You are in position number 25 which is on page 3 of Google results.

If you were able to get to page 1, you would harvest a lot more of the 1300 people who search for this keyword every month. 

Overall, you rank for some very good keywords that will bring you targeted traffic that will convert into sales. The issue is that you don't rank high enough for people to notice you. People tend to click on page 1 results or page 2 at the most.

We will attach a full Google rankings report.

Website ui/ux
How easy is it to use your website?

You have an excellent product however your website does not reflect it.

  • The contrast of text in the first header don't allow the user to view the wording easily.
  • The connection to your site is not fully secure.
  • There is no favicon.
  • There should be more information about the pillow itself on the homepage rather than on other pages, especially as this is the only place where people can buy it.
  • There is too much text and not enough images. People are lazy and don't like to read.
  • Design elements should be uniform - where there are curves there shouldn't be squares on top.
  • The shop should be updated with the new perfection pillow "Coming Soon".
  • Inform people with imagery how the pillow is made more visible - it's difficult to find it.
  • See for ideas.
  • Consistency on the buttons - some are larger than others. This is important for your branding.
  • The "Shop" shouldn't be called shop as there are only 2 products rather a button that says "Buy Now" - keep it simple for the buyer.
  • Add testimonials to homepage.
  • "Info" should be called "Contact"
  • Why do you need a "Login/Register" button?
  • "Featured in" should be clickable.
  • It's not completely responsive.
  • Simplifying the page with more space, adding key elements like images, videos, etc will make it easier for people to navigate and purchase.
SEO Proposal
1. Google Rank Report P12. Google Rank Report P23. SEO Score Report PDF4. ProposalFREE GIFT

We propose that we can undertake the following work for you:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword placement throughout your site
  • Total On-page optimisation on all your pages
  • Ongoing optimisation for your blog posts
  • We can write your articles
  • We can submit your articles building back links and authority
  • We can market your Youtube videos to compliment your SEO